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AIRTWIST Style: 643761
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3S ESD FO HRO SR]
CATANIA BLACK Style: 72444
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3L HRO FO SR]
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S1PS ESD FO HRO SR]
BERGAMO Style: 72450
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3L ESD HRO FO SR]
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S1PS ESD FO HRO SR]
Delivering unmatched safety and enduring comfort, our range of footwear for floorers and construction professionals is meticulously designed with the modern worker in mind. Our collection primarily features boots, with some shoe options, each meeting exacting specifications for slip resistance to ensure a steadfast grip on even the slickest of surfaces. These boots and shoes are thoughtfully constructed to marry functionality with a fashion sensibility, making them suited not only for rigorous work environments but also for everyday wear.

Sturdy yet lightweight materials offer protection without the bulk, allowing for ease of movement throughout the day. Our selection spans a variety of styles, from essential basics to advanced safety features like steel toes and reinforced uppers, catering to the diverse needs of the construction industry. Each pair is engineered to provide peace of mind, empowering floorers and construction workers to perform at their best.

Whether you're laying flooring, working on a job site, or handling materials, trust in the assurance that with each step, our footwear has your safety firmly planted on solid ground. Choose from our range of boots and shoes to find the perfect fit for your professional and personal needs, and step confidently into any task with Shoes For Crews.
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